Hi! I’m Elise and I love food.  I truly enjoy the process of cooking, reading through recipes, personalizing dishes, and gathering friends over a meal.


This is a place I want to document those experiences.  The kitchen wins both borrowed from other tried and true cooks and the one’s I throw together on my own so other’s can create their own interpretations.

A few of my most favorite things include

– dark chocolate: but not super dark cause that’s gross

– reading a book: bonus points if it’s outside and the sun is shining and most likely burning my pasty white skin

– running: slow is my pace and woody paths are my place


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

– baking and cooking: duh

– brunch: breakfast is without a doubt the best meal of the day.  Have it on a weekend slow and lazy at the house or at a snazzy restaurant and you have created the happiest elise.


– making lists: writing things down may be easier than crossing them off…

– routine: Hi I am type A and I like to know what’s happening

Things I am bad at:

– responding to texts: expect an average of a 1.34 day delay

– only eating 1 dessert

– taking pictures

– enjoying the process


These last two (and the documented goal of starting a blog in 2015) have lead me to create this little place.  I learned this school year that rest is something I royally fail at and I need to take time to do things of me just because.  And I fully know that my documentation devices (iPhone and point and shoot camera) are not exactly equipped to do this very well but whatevs.  I can only hope one day I will improve enough to look back on early posts and laugh.


So welcome and get excited to see what elise eats.



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