taking stock

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Making: lot’s of friends but not enough food.  Summer Mission has been the best but something I miss a lot is cooking.

Drinking: like 3 cups of coffee a day which is a lot for this usually one-cup-a-day gal.  Late nights and early mornings will do that to you though. IMG_0553

Reading: Inside the O’Brians which has made the 45 minute commute to work so much more bearable.

Wanting: summer to slow down.  Somehow it is the end of June already…

Watching: people and the interesting things that they do in the city.

Listening: to my current podcast faves: Earth Eat’s and Slate’s Working as well as lots of worship music at work.

Eating: I had the most delicious and amazing brunch at Hash House A Go Go yesterday and it blew my socks off.  It was the hugest portion I’ve ever had.


Wishing: for a little more sunshine and a little less rain.  I think the longest stretch of no rain was three days…

Enjoying: working at the farmer’s market.  Those two days are so fun and

Loving: this season of life.  The fact that it’s summer and I have fewer responsibilities but I have a paycheck and am surrounded by the best people and I have so few worries.  Life is good people.

Hoping: I can get in better running shape for the Big Ten 10K that I’m doing at the end of the month.  My goal is to finish in 50 minutes but who knows how that will turn out…

Needing: a little more time to relax.  I’m pretty go-go-go which is awesome until I crash.

Feeling: stretched.  Mostly in relationships and spiritually in good but hard ways.

Wearing: my chacos all the day long.

Bookmarking: this new blog, this yummy, colorful salad, and this tasty looking granola


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