“If you are driven by anything other than God’s love, God’s spirit, and your desire to grow and expand, than you’re driven by your need please others, your fear, your past.  The way to do it is decide.  Decide consciously what you want your life to be about.”

The glorious internet has mixed signals about who said that and I changed the first too ‘yours’ to God’s because that’s where I am in life right now.  But this is where I want to be forever.  To be so driven by the love God has for me.  The love that looks like grace that I don’t even understand, acceptance when my heart is so ugly, teaching a hard heart, providing when I don’t even know what I need, and bringing me right where I need to be.  That His Spirit would fulfill me.  That I would be so aware of the work he is doing all around me as well as in and through me.  That I would daily want to grow in awareness, knowledge, and action in spreading His word.

It truly is a daily decision and one that I hope to say yes to everyday.


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