What Elise’s Been Eating

Here are some good eat’s I’ve made from around the web in the past week isn:

A batch of this amazing one-pan farro recipe.  I love having prepared grains and topped it with this roasted eggplant, and then would add some combination of feta, basil pesto, spinach, roasted broccoli, or a poached egg.  I was able to get 5 meals out of it!

This mixed veggie bowl is my current lunch time mix-up.  The flavors were different and so good kind of a mix up-Asian flair.  Really, anything with a little sesame oil is a win in my book.

I’ve had plenty of time to bake too which has caused me to put myself on a temporary probation because I need to do school!

Peanut butter crumble brownies were a huge hit at a leadership meeting.  The brownies are fudge and thick and rich.

I’ve been trying to limit my refined grains and sugar so for a treat for myself, I made this whole wheat honey banana bread.  I loved the dense, subtle sweetness, but some friends were not as fond of it as it does not exactly resemble your typical banana bread.  I will definitely be making the recipe again though!

Finally, when me and my dear roommate from last year were together, we knew we needed to bake something.  I had your basic ingredients but no real mix ins (aka chocolate chips) so we decided to wing it.  We decided on peanut butter Nutella cookies with pretzels and very much so made up our own recipe and it worked!


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