what works for me

Favorite quote courtesy of IG:

“Wisdom is finding what works for you and ignoring the rest”

This has saved my week.  It has given me comfort when I retreat to my room because I have projects that need to be done and have to ignore the social fun happening downstairs.  It motivates me to get out and run 3 or 5 or maybe even 7 miles.  It reassures me that yes, I do need a break so why don’t I pull out my for fun book.  It reiterates my need for 8 hours of sleep, coffee in the morning on the back porch, and why I should probably try to not ever take 8 am’s ever again.

I am trying to figure out my groove, I am trying to tap into wisdom and my own rhythm and feel what I really need and ignoring all the noise around me.  And some days it is a wild success and I feel fulfilled beyond belief and other days I fail miserable and feel discontent and overwhelmed and question what the heck I’m doing.

I’m slowly but surely gaining wisdom though, that’s for sure.


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