time flies when…

you waste it.

And that’s a bummer sometimes.

Here is where I am right now: I am have 14 credits of real class, I am supposed to work between 10 and 15 hours a week on projects that are quite self-motivated, I am the president of a club, in discipleship, have a heart for the brokenness for what’s been going on on campus, I have these weird introvert thoughts of I have to do stuff in my room, and I want to get back into volunteering.  And written all out it seems like I lot but my plate can totally handle it.


a big IF.

If i use my time wisely.  If I plan, write out, schedule, and delegate.  These are all skills I know I have but ones I think I have not exercised to be strong in for a while.  These responsibilities invigorate me, they motivate and excite me.  I want my name to be on projects and initiatives I am involved in and I want them to be successful but success requires work.  Hard, dedicated work. That does not mean surfing the web, or putting it off, but it means digging in and pushing hard and asking questions.  Failing and succeeding and making progress.


I can do this.  I can find success and joy and purpose in my projects and schoolwork.  I can find balance between work and play.  I can say yes to great opportunities and no to great ones.

I can take ownership of my time.


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