Taking Stock

Making: the most out of Thanksgiving break which has included coffee dates, sleepovers, long runs, and learning to knit?? (tbd if I really know how to…)

Drinking: a cup of coffee in the morning and treating myself to kombacha every once in a while

Reading: so much!! Love May Fail, Rebuilding the Foodshed: How to Create Local, Sustainable, and Secure Food Systems, The Power of a Prayer Warrior, and the Deliciously Ella cookbook

Wanting: to buy all the Christmas presents. I think this is the most excited I’ve been to give.  But also I want to feel more at peace with where I am right now.

Watching: Scandal as always.  I also just started Friday Nigh Lights because I am forever behind in TV world.  Also shamelessly rented out seasons from the library because I don’t have Netflix

Listening: To my Thomas Newman Pandora station for homework and my Discover Weekly Spotify which features the perfect blend of soft, folk, and singer/songwriter songs

Eating: some good mom-cooked meals (aka ribs) but sticking to my usually egg scramble/oatmeal breakfasts, random veggie hash mixed lunches.  I have a Pinterest board full of soups that I can’t wait to make!

Wishing: I knew what was next.  I am in such a period of I don’t know and while I really am okay with that, I would also be okay with a little more direction.

Enjoying: The warm for November weather that mean I can still go on long runs outside.

Loving: that I get to look into sustainability and the food system for work.  It’s cool stuff.

Hoping: that I get my honors thesis figured out by the end of the semester.  I have been ignoring it for oh about a month….

Needing: to prioritize.  I have become a little too proficient in

Feeling: Flat.  In an annoying way.  I am ready to re-inspire myself with the things that make me passionate.  Ready set go New Years Resolutions (just kidding. I am ready to dig in like now)

Wearing: a poncho.  like for real.  I am halfway questioning if I am back in 2002 but also semi-shameless.

Bookmarking: news pages.  Trying to be adult and be informed.


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