What Elise Reads

I had some ambitious goals for winter break.  They mostly included resting, reading, and relaxing.  The real big R’s.


I love going to the Bloomington Public Library and spent probably 45 minutes searching for the best books to read over break.  I thought I was being really ambitious when I checked out 5 books and was sure that I wouldn’t finish them all.  Oh, but I did.  So I got more and read them too.  It was glorious.  Here is what I thought about my books:

The Husband’s SecretGreat easy read that still has a little bit of substance.  The story really develops and the character development is great.  I’ve read a couple of others by this author and really like them too!

ElectionThis is a short one, I maybe spent 4 hours total reading it?  After the fact, maybe a skip it book as the plot is a little meh: high school jock is talked into running for school president by a teacher and there is tension between him, his sister, and the other candidates running.  A few little surprises but nothing terribly special.

Bon AppetemptI have been in the memoir mood lately and LOVED this one.  It is down to earth, real life, and really engages the reader.  I didn’t personally try any of the recipes in the book but they looked great.  Honestly, I didn’t even know of this blog before the book, but have become a follower because of the funny antics and personality that was so clear in every page.

Pretending to DanceThis fits in my favorite genre of interesting and story-like plot with a lot of character development.  I like that this was set in the main character’s childhood and adult-life and causes the reader to make assumptions about the character of the characters.

Why Not Me?: A great follow up from Mindy’s first book.  Same great humor in new, fresh stories.  She has a great way of getting her true personality on paper and I could totally hear her saying parts of her stories.  Totally recommend this one.

Don’t Worry, It Gets WorseI don’t think I was in the right mood for this one when I read it.  Funny- yes.  But just wasn’t my humor for the time.  I know I don’t have my life all together, but I felt like some of the stories were just too far out there for where I am at.

Super Natural Every DayGot this cookbook for Christmas and still finding myself flipping through the pages.  The recipes are simple yet delicious and are definitely my style of cooking: No fuss yet still gourmet vegetarian eats

A Modern Way to EatI got this one from the library and have loved the few things I have made from it.  The pictures are so inspiring and the collection or recipes and cooking advice is homey and personal.  This may need to find a home in my permanent cookbooks.


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