What’s up Valentine’s Day

I am by far the  most excited for Valentines Day than I ever could be.  So excited, in fact, that I stayed up until 2 am last Sunday (the 7th) to work on Valentine’s (j to the kkkkk- that was some weird burst of insomnia that I just used for productivity).  But I am so excited to give them out.  Like I even made each one corny and personal and I hope my gal pals love them.  To be determined if the cards will come with candy or a sweet treat….

But I want to spread the love!  I want my people to know that they’re my people.  That I love who they are and don’t want them to change. As I have learned how to grow in myself as a person and am growing in vulnerability and the knowledge that I can be be fully known and fully loved, I want others to know that too.  So I hope my little cards get that across in even a small way.

And also, I am excited for Valentine’ (er really Galentines) Parties.  I can’t wait to get together and celebrate friendships- ones that are so full of love.  To eat pink and red food and drink girly drinks and laugh/cry at RomComs and all those good things.

I can’t wait to celebrate my singleness with a fancy pants dinner with a fellow foodie friend.  To treat ourselves with something way better than what you could get at a restaurant and have probably too much fun cooking it.

I love that I for real have no inkling of sadness or disappointment in not having a man.  I so thankful that I feel so at peace and content with where I am in life.  Yeah, sure I’d like to eventually settle down, but I’d only be wasting what might be the best weekend of the semester if I threw myself a pity party instead of loving the people who are in my life already.

So let’s go spread the love




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