You make my heart beet

Obviously, I was quite excited for Valentine’s weekend and it did not disappoint.  There was lots of hugs and food and friends and warm, yummy feelings.  

IMG_1463Saturday started out with me waking up way too early.  Those 8:00 a.m.’s are killing my weekend sleep-in attempts.  But. I got to read Daring Greatly by Brene Brown aka my current fave learning book.  I highly recommend it if you are into learning about why you feel shame/aren’t exactly the vulnerability touchy-feely type but want to be more like that because you know it’s good for you.


After I read my fill, I headed to the indoor farmers market because I needed beets and a loaf of the best bread for my Valentines Day food.  The outdoor market opens super early- like for sure by 7:00 and I just figured that the indoor one too, so I was quite surprised that my 8:40 arrival was met with no open market.  Since it was literally 4 degrees out, I just wandered around the eclectic school market is held in and had to remind myself that I really had no urgent plans and this wasn’t wasted time.  

After sampling some delicious foods and only finding subpar beets, I decided to go to the local co-op, aka Bloomingfoods aka my fave food place and then Sahara Mart for cheese.

So I literally went to the three crunchiest, most local foodie stores in Bloomington all before 10:00 in the morning.  Oh, and I biked there.  

The grocery search took a little longer than anticipated, so when I got home, I got to going on getting breakfast ready for the neighbors. We were going to make these Red Velvet Pancakes, but alas I did not have food coloring so there were just chocolate (this also raises the question of what Red Velvet means besides having some bomb cream cheese frosting….).  But the neighbors came over and we ate and drank coffee and talked about fun things.  A beautiful, slow beginning of the day.  

Because of the ridiculously low temperature, I knew I didn’t want to get out to the gym but also that I wanted to get a little exercise in because hello lots of chocolate and yummy food and other good things and not that you have to justify at all but it makes me feel better.

After getting a shower in, I did some homework.  Not fun stuff.

The bonus of my morning grocery rendezvous was I saw a sign for free chocolate and cheese tasting at Sahara Mart that was happening later in the day.  So at 3:00 me and the neighbors rolled over and did some (ok lots) of tasting and it was happy.  There was a great Merlot cheese and a kinda funky chai cheese, and this amazing cultured butter and goat cheese with toasty baguettes.  I looooove dark chocolate and that’s basically all the tastings were so I was in bliss mode.

Next came some work and more homework.

Then came preparing for a Galentines Party and concert later.  I made these beet feta biscuits because they were cute and pink and sounded delish.  They didn’t use butter like most biscuit/pastries I have made and instead used heavy whipping cream.  They were good but not amazing so definitely plan on putting jam on them.  I also made this chocolate goat cheese ice cream for my Valentines plan and OMG so good.  Make this now.  Making these goodies was brought to you by the third season of Friday Night Lights.

I went off to Galentine’s hosted by my former roommates.  Party highlights include the  girl-power posters, a mini-Hillary Clinton, and the love puns required for each food item (mine was “you make my heart beet”).  Also all. the. food.

After eating my fill, I headed to my friends before a concert.  All the praises for being 21 and going to fun things cover bands and singing too loud and dancing like a fool and eating mediocre pizza after.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I loved this day.  Here’s to the weekends and the Valentine’s and the people that make this life great.


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