normal days

I want to remember this normal school day:

Where I woke up at 6:54

Did an ab work out and 10 minutes of yoga

Made coffee and blueberry oatmeal to-go

Left 10 minutes later than I meant to

Walked into class only 2 minutes late

Biked home and read and actually crossed most of my to-do list off

Spent too much time in epidemiology not paying attention

Talked to my mom while running a data analysis

Ran outside because it was 50 degrees out and my body needed to move

Did laundry that smelled so bad like sweat

Completed a group project that I actually learned something new on

Listened to 3 podcasts (Modern Love and a sermon from The Village)

Biked back to campus for a food waste dinner

Attended a Real Food Challenge meeting.


These are the days.  Full of meeting and normal-ish things.  They are the days that make my years that make my life.



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