Summer Bucket List

This summer is segments.  I graduated, went to the Grand Canyon with my BFF’s, am home for a week, going on a family trip to Thailand (CRAZY), home for 2 weeks, and then off to Washington D.C.

Being home has been good, but weird.  I have no obligations and can quickly see days as a waste.  I know rest is good for me, but it is still hard to see days as purposeful if I’m not getting ‘things’ done.  Sometimes my ‘things’ are just doing a yoga video or visiting grandparents, sometimes it’s reading the news or baking a cake.  The good thing, is this time of rest really motivates me to keep chasing my passion and investing in that because I can not sit around all the time.

In honor of my summer segments, here are things I want to do:


  • Modern Love
  • Drive in movie theater
  • Brunch
  • Make a fancy cake
  • Outdoor dinner party
  • Visit Lincoln
  • Baseball game
  • Spielman’s


Washington D.C.

  • As many Smithsonian’s as possible
  • Milk Bar
  • Georgetown Cupcakes
  • Baseball game
  • Free outdoor concert
  • Rock Creek Park
  • Fairgrounds at Yards Park for food trucks
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Bike to as many places as possilbe
  • Probably to be continued….

Here’s to the next 3 months of self-exploration and discovery; of work and rest and living life.


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