#elises100daysoffeelings day 10

First off, this was the best day in weeks.  It was so great because I was at ease, I loved my alone time and decided to see it as a time to refresh instead of a time to dread.  I stood back and saw that this season is a time of personal learning and growing and I can resist the last few days of it or I can dive in.

I enjoyed and treasured the time I spent with people.  I engaged in good conversation and saw all the good that the day had.

Also, this thinking and processing has made me think long and hard about the choices I make that make success hard.  Mainly, the amount of sweets I have around me. When I keep them in case I get a craving, of course I am going to indulge.   And I have clearly identified that moderation is not my strong point.  My gut reaction is to say no more sweets for xxxx amount of days.  But my new found self is saying, “What would tomorrow look like if you didn’t have any sugar? ”  I want to explore that more.  A month ago, I wrote that a goal was to feel more natural energy, well I think all the fake stuff I’m fueling my body with is zapping away any shot at energy I have. So it’s an experiment.  For one day.  We’ll see how it goes, but my heart knows I need it.  That I can only fully get better when I release my grip on the things I hold on to strongest.  I’m sure that at like 9:00 it’ll be hard, but when I go to bed knowing that I didnt’ have things around to tempt me, I’ll feel better.



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