#elises100daysoffeelings day 53

Today I am ready to actually start something.  I am grasping at straws at how to fill my time.  It’s this hard thing where there are things that I can do but they don’t need to be done now.  And the lack of pressure is making me unmotivated.  Plus, I know it’s a good thing I don’t feel like I have to knock out 12 things today just to be busy.  So today looks like filling my time productively with things I love.  Things like reading books, going on a slow run, drinking tea.  I am proud of myself for realizing that I just don’t want to work and finding things that fill me up instead of scrolling endlessly.

This down time is a little bit hard because I want to be the person that has these passions she pursues and is learning about and is going and growing and becoming more more more.  But I know where that puts me.  So on this rainy day I am just going to not do that.  It feels good in my soul to give myself that permission.


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