#elises100daysoffeelings day 56

Today I am not okay and that is okay.  I don’t need to justify or fake it, it just is.  It is partially for sure because I haven’t been giving myself the things I know I need to succeed.

It comes to responsibility, and that’s been something I have been running from.  This past week I became a passive recipient of life and life isn’t necessarily on my side or going for the things.  I know I need structure, time in the word, time to move, intentional conversation, boundaries, time to unwind.  I am my best self when I have had my type of mornings.  I can be responsible for that by going to bed at a decent time and celebrating the morning instead of feeling dread.  I create a schedule where I am eating 3 meals a day.  I have the power of my words to say no specifically to the foods that won’t help me, but also to relationships and conversations.  I am in control of what my time with the Lord looks like.  He is always there, I just have to say yes.

I have the responsibility to go to others when I need something.  I can shamelessly ask for prayer and help and advice and fun.  My people can’t help me unless I am honest with where I am.  That means not saying good when I am not good.  It means being real.

I get to ask God for what I need to!  I get to boldly approach his throne and say what’s up and he is not going to judge me or think less of me because of my needs.  He rejoices when I come to him.  I can trust God to provide for my every need and to be the best listening ear and giver when I go to him.


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