#elises100daysoffeelings day 97

Today I feel stuck again and meh.  I don’t want to sit in where I am at and I want to keep moving forward.  But something I have learned in these 97 days of what has honestly felt like little progress, is that sometimes I am meant to just sit and be.  Sometimes my soul needs that rest, it doesn’t need to be frantic and upset or anything like that.  It doesn’t need to be ready for the next big project, I can just observe what is going on right now.  And that is so very hard.  It requires re-thinking my every day purpose and value.  The link between productivity and value is so very strong and it’s bringing me down.

I keep asking myself if that is enough to just realize that right now.  If I am okay if that is what the point of these 100 days were?  Can I separate my worth from work, weight, and productivity?  And if even just being able to honestly assess that is enough?  It doesn’t feel like it right now at my core…. and I want it to.  But maybe that’s what another 100 days if for: seeing how I can just be and be okay.



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