Life and death

One of my favorite things about my 30 minute drive to work is the time I have to be.  I can just spend time with my own thoughts, listen to music, or keep up with my favorite podcasts.  I mostly choose the podcasts – I think because not being in school is making me want to grab up any and all knowledge gaining experiences.  Anyway, a current fave is the Wisdom series on Rob Cast.

Today’s was about death and life.  About how holding fast to wisdom brings life right now.  It reiterated that life and death are not straight dichotomies.  That you can be physically alive but dead spiritually and you can be on your death bed as the most alive possible person there is.  It made me think if I realize that I am alive.  That I need to stop acting like I am crawling out of pit or barely making it.  I have so much hope and potential.

When I work in the school I see it even more.  That I can have hope even in hard, hard circumstances.  That I can get out of my own navel gazing to see how good I have it, how blessed I am, how much I can give back to the world.

I need to act out of my eternal identity.  It’s one of those things that’s easy in the mornings, but harder as the day goes on.  That means I need reminders.  I need to be my own advocate to get Truth inside of me.  It’s not about effort or striving or becoming what I am not, but about really resting in what has been said about me.


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