my neighbors

The semester is almost over and while I am not in school, because I live with/around people who are, my life seems to roll in that pattern still.  And this weekend is just reminding me of why I stayed.  Why my heart felt settled and okay choosing Bloomington for another year instead of looking for an exotic place to go.  The big answer is because my friends are here, but the nuanced answer is because they are my neighbors.

I did not get to live in the apartment I most wanted to, with my best friends, where I had arguable the best year of my life so far last year.  And I did not necessarily handle that with grace and happiness all the time.  It was hard and I have not always loved it.  But.  I am mere feet away from my people.  I get to pop over and chat whenever I want.  I go over for yoga on a random Monday morning, borrow a baking sheet when I need an extra one, and sit on that same couch to have deep heart to hearts.  I am living life with my people and over and over it again it reminds me of why I stayed.

This weekend was a weekend of celebrations.  I got to walk across the parking lot to eat cake and drink really good, boozy punch and dance.  15400536_10206686376912968_3294891873037660936_n

And then I got to do my thing and make food to celebrate an engagement.  My friend kept saying thank you and I kept saying I love this.  And I do.  I love the process of making food that is bringing people together and celebrating real life love and I love that we are physically right by each other in this season.


I stayed because my people are here, because my neighbors are my best friends and their doors are always open.


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