morning routines and rhythms

A blog I follow recently posted about our human need for routine and rhythm, and while it had been something I have known about myself for a while, reading her words gave me a deeper and greater appreciation for why this matters.  It is more than me starting off the day ‘right’ or being productive before I get to the office, it is this holy flow of getting my heart, mind, soul, and body ready for the day before me.  I do have a list of what I ideally would follow, but it is also so loose and I just flow with what I know works best and also what my body is telling me.

I wake up and lie in bed for three minutes and pray that God would be glorified today in what I do.  I pray over what is happening and invite Him in.  This gives me time to be gentle with myself and set my mind on good, right intentions, the way I want to act that day.  This is a fairly new addition to my routine and one that I have found grounds me.  I get so frustrated at how hard it is for me to do acts of self care and be in tune with myself but when I take a few moments to start the day this way I find it easier.

After getting out of bed, I go downstairs and turn on the hot water kettle for green tea.  This year, I realized how much I like having a cup of coffee at work while I read the news and catch up on emails and I just can’t really do two cups of coffee in the morning without feeling all kids of weird.  So green tea it was because I also love the warm mug when I read my Bible.

While the water is boiling, I do a random ab video on youtube and listen to the news on NPR.  I always always always feel subconscious about this step because both of those items are pretty weird and putting them together only makes them weirder.  But whatevs it really works for me mostly because I never want to do abs after I workout.  When I am feeling really ambitious, I slip in some high knees and jumping jacks to really get the blood flowing.

Next, I fix my tea, grab my Bible and journal, and head to the comfy chair in the living room.  This is the holy, sacred time that fuels my heart and soul.  Probably because I am a live and die morning person, it is quite essential that his happens in the morning.  I feel closest to the Lord during these times.

After this, it is often a mad dash to get ready after that.  It isn’t hard for me to pick out clothes to wear and I have a very standard wash-face, put makeup on, brush teeth routine.  It’s those last things like fill the water bottle, pack the gym bag, put lunch in containers that quite consistently make me late.  Put it almost feels like a permanent part of my routine that I love.

Mornings are my thing.  It makes me kind of sad on Tuesday and Wednesday when I have to leave way early and don’t get to enjoy my normal, slow pace.  I savor them and hope that I never have a job that I have to get up at 6:30 every day for.  I’m not adult enough for that.


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