tea and the internet

My work feels kind of ambiguous.  I have a job, I think I have goals, I think I know what I am doing.  But honestly, I lack framework.  I don’t know what outcomes I am looking for, what programs I should be working to create, where I should be focusing my times, what the real […]

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Life and death

One of my favorite things about my 30 minute drive to work is the time I have to be.  I can just spend time with my own thoughts, listen to music, or keep up with my favorite podcasts.  I mostly choose the podcasts – I think because not being in school is making me want […]

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#elises100daysoffeelings day 93

Time flies when you’re having fun and also when you’re not focused.  It goes whether you want it to or not.  Even if you’re not paying attention, it keeps on ticking. Right now, I am frustrated by that.  Frustrated that accomplishing the things I want to accomplish takes so much time and attention.  That I […]

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#elises100daysoffeelings day 83

83 days.  83 days of recognizing something in my life needed to change.  and honestly saying that is kind of depressing because when i take an honest look, not much has changed.  i am still binging.  i am eating too fast, standing up, when no one is watching and feeling really, really awful afterwards.  i […]

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