Thanks God

Today really is a normal day.  But there is something deep in my soul that I can’t name that makes it different.  It is peace, contentment, excitement, joy.  It is this allusive thing that I think is what I am most after and life.  It’s the think I felt last year and couldn’t name but […]

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morning routines and rhythms

A blog I follow recently posted about our human need for routine and rhythm, and while it had been something I have known about myself for a while, reading her words gave me a deeper and greater appreciation for why this matters.  It is more than me starting off the day ‘right’ or being productive […]

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I can rest.

Something I am acutely aware of is my perfectionistic nature.  I really want to do things well, but maybe even more than that, I want people to be happy with what I do or produce.  I want to succeed in other people’s eyes. Looking at the past two years of my life, the hardest times […]

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This year, one of the biggest changes in  my life was my interest in politics.  It was probably the combination of being able to vote for the first time, the interesting election, and how I have learned about social justice.  And I have dug in, I voted, I look into issues, I bill track.  But […]

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Year 21 of my life is over.  Last night, I had my people over and we celebrated in my favorite kind of way.  With pork tacos and cabbage slaw and guacamole and lots of cilantro.  With a yummy grapefruit gin drink.  With a homemade cake. By semi-impromptu going to get my nose pierced and playing […]

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Christmas break reads

Break was good.  So very good. In fact, I think it was my most relaxed but not bored break, and I am so rested and refreshed.  I was intentional to read (a lot) over break because my list is growing so much faster than I am reading.  Here are my takes on a few…. Modern […]

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my neighbors

The semester is almost over and while I am not in school, because I live with/around people who are, my life seems to roll in that pattern still.  And this weekend is just reminding me of why I stayed.  Why my heart felt settled and okay choosing Bloomington for another year instead of looking for […]

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